Establishment of ISD 199

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Establishment of ISD 199


Newspaper clippings and documents related to the establishment of Independent School District 199, originally called Inver Grove-Pine Bend.




Hao Phung, Liam Sanford, Kathan Wells, and Cory Haala

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I.T. Simley is Dead at 79
I.T. Simley passed away after many years of educational service to both South Saint Paul and Inver Grove Heights.

Still Active, But He Has Already Retired Twice
Irwin T. Simley continued his presence in ISD 199 at the age of 76.

Dist. 199 Adds 6 Teachers; Secondary Pupils Go To SSP
While there are new public schools for primary students in ISD 199, secondary students will have to look to SSP for schooling.

In Tribute
In tribute to I.T. Simley's work in ISD 199, the district named their high school "Simley High School."

Immemorial to...
After I.T. Simley's passing, Simley High School honors his work in the community through their yearbook.

Simley Expands
Simley adds a new wing to the school to support the growing student population; the expansion allows the school to increase their capacity to 1,000 classes.

Stalemate Sticks in Carpenter Strike
Due to a carpenter strike, the completion of Simley High School is expected to be delayed.

Suburb School Bonds Voted
A two story addition to Simley High School will add new departments while increasing the enrollment capacity.

Pine Bend School Merger Is Weighed
The Dakota County school board discussed plans to merge Inver Grove district 7 with Pine Bend school district 21.

LeRoy High School Prinicipal Resigns
Vernon Larson, former principal of LeRoy HIgh School in Minnesota, would resign to continue as a principal at the newly founded Simley High School.
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