Diversity & Race at Simley

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Diversity & Race at Simley


Rose Burrows, Spencer Hagel, Madeline Ngo

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Teaching Tolerance
Hamilton Bell, the new minorities consultant at Simley High School, was hired to assist in lessening racial issues after minority families complained to administrators about racial threats. He hoped to break the bad stigma that was put on minorities.

Cecil Stockdale.
Cecil Stockdale was a learning center coordinator at Simley Highschool in 1988 and 1989 an one of the first people of color to work for the school.

Kids Offer to Help Kids With Race Problems
The SCARED Proposal at Simley was introduced to combat racism. Many minority families have mentioned getting telephone threats so SCARED hopes to help integrate minorities into their classes.

H.E.A.R at Simley
H.E.A.R stands for Human Education Against Racism. The H.E.A.R group at Simley was started by Missy Detmar. Another leader of the group Lisa Peterson stated "The goal that the group is trying to achieve is to get elementary students to recognize…

Spreading the Word About the Benefits of Diversity
Hamilton Bell mentions the benefits of bringing racial diversity to schools. Seeing only a few students of different races will not make a difference in the behaviors of white children. Children need to see more differences in their peers to be…

Interview with Hamilton Bell, the diversity specialist at Simley High School, regarding his job, diversity training, and what he took care of during his time as Dean of Students.

Diversity & Racism Timeline
A timeline demonstrating the progress of African Americans at Simley High School.
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