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Accounts of the B-52 crash from the Kahl family, whose farm was destroyed in the event, as well as from various eyewitnesses and first responders.

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Eyewitness accounts from ambulance driver Duane Zimmerman and local residents Elmer J. Perron and Mrs. Otto Holz, Jr., of Capt. Jack D. Craft, the lone survivor of the September 17, 1958 B-52 crash in Inver Grove.

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A newspaper account of the seven crewmen whose lives were lost in the September 1957 B-52 crash in present-day Inver Grove Heights.

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The front page of theMinneapolis Star on Wednesday, September 17, 1958, devoted to the crash of a B-52 bomber from 30,000 feet onto the farm of August Kahl, located on present-day Broderick Ave in what was then Inver Grove Township. Today a marker…
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