Inver Grove History is the work of high school sophomores in Simley High School teacher Tom Goetz's 2021-22 and 2022-23 AP U.S. History classes. Its goal is to tell some of the stories of the lands and people who inhabited modern-day Inver Grove Heights, as well as those who attended school in Independent School District 199.

Under the supervision of Tom Goetz and Cory Haala (Simley '09), their finished product is not only a series of exhibits on Inver Grove history, but a digital archive that aims to, in perpetuity, preserve the history of Simley and Inver Grove in an accessible online format.

We invite you to explore the exhibits, collections, and individual artifacts compiled by students. Please see, as well, the detailed description of this project and our thanks to those who made it possible.

Recently Added Items

Accounts of the B-52 crash from the Kahl family, whose farm was destroyed in the event, as well as from various eyewitnesses and first responders.

Eyewitness accounts from ambulance driver Duane Zimmerman and local residents Elmer J. Perron and Mrs. Otto Holz, Jr., of Capt. Jack D. Craft, the…

A newspaper account of the seven crewmen whose lives were lost in the September 1957 B-52 crash in present-day Inver Grove Heights.

The front page of theMinneapolis Star on Wednesday, September 17, 1958, devoted to the crash of a B-52 bomber from 30,000 feet onto the farm of August…