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A newspaper clipping of an article announcing the death of Art Bailey and how he died at Rex Speedway

b52 crash p1.jpeg
A newspaper account of the seven crewmen whose lives were lost in the September 1957 B-52 crash in present-day Inver Grove Heights.

1965-02-05 inver grove gets state approval.jpeg
A 1965 Star Tribune article detailed how the Minnesota House passed three controversial laws that paved the way for the creation of what is today Inver Grove Heights. A lack of Minnesota Municipal Code law required special legislation to create the…

b52 plane p1.jpeg
Accounts of the B-52 crash from the Kahl family, whose farm was destroyed in the event, as well as from various eyewitnesses and first responders.

1962-03-06 debt assumption and district consolidation.pdf
Explanation of the history of the debts of ISD 199, the growth of the district through annexation of smaller school districts, and building plans approved in 1956, 1959, and 1960.

61-05-23 Simley sets records in its first year.pdf
A 1961 newspaper article by Don Heinzman of theSt. Paul Dispatch detailing Simley High School's 1960-61 school year. Details include the building's completion after students had already begun classes and the greater number of opportunities enjoyed by…

b52 pilot p1.jpeg
Eyewitness accounts from ambulance driver Duane Zimmerman and local residents Elmer J. Perron and Mrs. Otto Holz, Jr., of Capt. Jack D. Craft, the lone survivor of the September 17, 1958 B-52 crash in Inver Grove.

77-06:07 199 Reporter.pdf
Newspaper of Independent School District 199 events for June-July 1977

Sparta Journal staff 1961 yearbook.png
A picture of the first staff of the Simley student newspaper, theSparta Journal, from the 1961 student yearbook, theSpartan.
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