Corrine Erstad Disappearance/Murder Case

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Corrine Erstad Disappearance/Murder Case


Corrine Leanne Erstad and Robert Guevara


In Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota on June 1, 1992, 5 year old Corrine Leanne Erstad disappeared and was allegedly murdered. The lead suspect Robert Guevara was put on trial for the charges of kidnapping, rape, and murder but was acquitted on all accounts. Her body still hasn't been found to this day.




Inver Grove Heights, MN

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Dakota County beat: Legacy of Guevara trial still resonates
Pheifer describes how the trial unfolded with all the DNA evidence but Guevara was still acquitted on all accounts. Jim Backstrom spoke out about the effects of the case and how it not only affected him but the community. Then, Torres explains the…

Corrine Erstad's family faces added grief
After Robert Guevara was acquitted on all accounts, the Erstad family began planning a funeral for their lost 5 year old, Corrine, but also unexpectedly lost their prematurely born daughter Maggie on March 3, a little less than a month after the…

Guevara's acquittal has many asking why, what's next
Robert Guevara has since felt the need to leave the state of Minnesota for the safety of his own being due to his acquittal from the Corrine Erstad case and its effect on the community. A few years prior, Jacob Wetterling went missing and was found…

Trial ends; pain remains  "Acquittal's Aftermath"
Many people in Inver Grove Heights wondered why the verdict on Guevara's charges were released with all the forensic DNA evidence. However, the lack of the present body, no true crime scene, and no witnesses of the allegations. Also the suspicion…

Search of landfill ends without a trace of Corrine Erstad
Following the disappearance of Corrine Erstad on June 1, 1992, police officers and volunteer firefighters contributed to a week long search for Corrine's body in the Pine Bend Landfill starting on June 2. Robert Guevara's storage locker in West St.…

The Trail to Guevara
A map that depicts the locations of each investigated spots with presented evidence at each, including the site of where Guevara was arrested.

DNA Evidence
Various pieces of blood-stained evidence found with Robert Guevara, including one of Corrine's sundress and undergarments

Corrine Erstad DNA analysis letter to Tom Kirchner
Letter written by Jim Backstrom to Tom Kirchner, Simley High School Science teacher, regarding the Minnesota Supreme Court Rulings on usage of sufficient DNA evidence in the Corrine Erstad court case

**Listener Discretion Advised - graphic content**
James Backstrom spoke about the physical evidence uncovered during the case, some of the witnesses testimonies from the trial, and the argument he presented to the jury himself.

Joshua Otis Interview
Police Officer Joshua Otis of the Inver Grove Heights Police Department spoke about the case and how it effected the town and how the investigators take on the case through tip lines and state leads.
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