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71-10-08 Sparta Journal vol XI no 2.pdf
An edition of the Simley student newspaper, published in October 1971.

b52 plane p1.jpeg
Accounts of the B-52 crash from the Kahl family, whose farm was destroyed in the event, as well as from various eyewitnesses and first responders.

b52 pilot p1.jpeg
Eyewitness accounts from ambulance driver Duane Zimmerman and local residents Elmer J. Perron and Mrs. Otto Holz, Jr., of Capt. Jack D. Craft, the lone survivor of the September 17, 1958 B-52 crash in Inver Grove.

b52 crash p1.jpeg
A newspaper account of the seven crewmen whose lives were lost in the September 1957 B-52 crash in present-day Inver Grove Heights.

b52 headline p1.jpeg
The front page of theMinneapolis Star on Wednesday, September 17, 1958, devoted to the crash of a B-52 bomber from 30,000 feet onto the farm of August Kahl, located on present-day Broderick Ave in what was then Inver Grove Township. Today a marker…

George Cameron Transcription.pdf
Cameron's began as a feed store in 1890 along present-day Concord Boulevard. A 2009 construction project by the city of Inver Grove Heights, according to this 2009Pioneer Pressarticle, forced the move of Cameron's from the east side of Concord at…

Camerons - Interview with Gene & Marlis Mankowski.pdf
Gene and Marliss Mankowski recall how Cameron's Liquor Store played a role in helping Inver Grove Heights residents celebrate over the decades.

Interview with Craig Pasket, a longtime resident of Inver Grove Heights who talked about his upbringing in Inver Grove Heights, experience at Hilltop Elementary School and Simley High School, and time in musical programs in ISD 199.
This interview with Tim Drkula, owner of Drkula's 32 Bowl in Inver Grove Heights, discusses the history of Drkula's 32 Bowl and its connection to Inver Grove Heights and its history.

Oral History Transcription.pdf
An interview with Dan Bernardy, A Minnesota fire fighter since 1986 who currently serves as the Fire Operations Supervisor. Interview features a description of Dan's time as part of the crew, his experience growing up around the same time as the…
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